Friday, 1 October 2010

So what is this all about...

Starting in November I will be having a Year of Fabulous.

Now some of you may be asking… Jen why do you need this… you my friend are already fabulous.

Well it is not about change so much as finally making it a priority to focus on what it is to be today fabulous… to be Jen Fabulous. It is different everyday for everyone person.

So I will be spending a year focusing on different things per month to reiterate to myself what I love about this world, the people in it and myself.

October is my month to Plan this task and so here is my first planning!

My Project Guidelines and Objections

1) Each Month will have a Theme – such as routine, or creation.

2) Each theme will have 2-3 things to focus on specifically.

3) Each focus will have goals.

4) Month Themes and Focus can change as long as it is done prior to the Month starting and there is a strong reason for it to change.

5) This must be fun!

It will last one year – from Nov 2010 to Oct 2011.

What do I want to achieve – I just want to lay the foundation for me to get through anything. To learn more about who I am… and hopefully become stronger in the process.

Right now I am doing ok. Things are good. I just want it to stay that way!

October Goal: To have my Year mapped out with room to grow!

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