Monday, 15 November 2010

Today Is...

My Birthday… Yes I am getting older by the day!

Its funny because the older I get, the quicker a year goes by and I remember something one of my many Fab Aunts told me:

The older you get the smaller fraction of your life a year is. So that is why it goes by quicker.

To be honest I could not argue with the logic. However I sometimes wonder what I have done in this past year.

So in Jen Style I made a list.

When Jen was 27 she…

1) Became a women of Property
2) Changed Jobs
3) Embraced her lack of a 5 year plan
4) Reconnected with her Fabulous Family in SK
5) Created an alter ego (Which if you would like to meet just ask)
6) Took down a couple of walls – figuratively speaking
7) Became obsessed with Knitting
8) Started this Project
9) Made fab new friends and spent time with newer and older ones
10) She laughed, she cried, she smiled and she is happy to do that over and over and over again

When Jen was 27 she… lived Fabulously!

However I would like to add… in Jen Style the list is never complete.

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