Sunday, 8 January 2012

This Year... It is going to be different!!!

It is funny how some of us... well me for sure... start some years saying that this year... it is going to be different.  Today I went for lunch with a friend of mine... and this came up and in her forever wisdom she said something that resembles the following... "It is not the year that makes it different... rather the decisions we make." 

Very true, the calender may change... however it is just one day turning into the next as it happens all year. 

However the changing of the calander is a natual time for us to make the resolution... and/or take on the new challange.  This project being a prime example of this. 

So here is to the natual time for us to bring out the best in us!  Here is to all of us... taking the time to find our fabulous!

Project notes:

The project is still in planning phase... however one thing my life has taught me is that Month one (February) must be Order... 

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