Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Jennifer Is - the second 1/2 of the Month

Nov 15 (Day 15) – Jennifer is officially creeping on 30.
Nov 16 (Day 16) – Jennifer shall be the staring character in her own life.
Nov 17 (Day 17) – Jennifer is no Martha Stewart and acceptance of this is near!
Nov 18 (Day 18) – Jennifer is loving the couch chill out.
Nov 19 (Day 19) – Jennifer is able to demonstrate how to get your party on.
Nov 20 (Day 20) – Jennifer will be the alpha characters in her own life.
Nov 21 (Day 21) – Jennifer is emotional but strong – weak but determined and everything in-between
Nov 22 (Day 22) - Jennifer is… in some ways younger now then she was before.
Nov 23 (Day 23) – Jennifer is all about Movember.
Nov 24 (Day 24) – Jennifer is more and more realizing that sometimes never mean right now I don’t want too.
Nov 25 (Day 25) – Jennifer is confused and disoriented but wants to keep going.
Nov 26 (Day 26) – Jennifer is learning what she wants.
Nov 27 (Day 27) – Jennifer is someone who wants to see and feel the journey, not end up at the destination in a blink on an eye.
Nov 28 (Day 28) – Jennifer is pretty amazed by big sounds, moments and feelings which come out of small things.
Nov 29 (Day 28) – Jennifer is realizing that sometimes it is what doesn’t make sense that has the ability to make you smile the brightest.
Nov 30 (Day 30) – Jennifer is more then 30 things in a list.

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