Sunday, 7 November 2010

Top Jen List - Music

So I was working on finalizing my Top Jen list for this week yesterday and I realized ... there is no way that I can pick a song that is to be Happy in a moment or sad or a moment that means change. Because music is something that is guided by my feeling.

So a song that one day can make me happy... can the next day make me sad.

Anyways that being said. Here are some songs in my life right now. And a word to describe them...

- Synchyme - Dario G / Progression
- What a Feeling / Inspired
- Home - Edward Sharpe and the.../ Partnerincrime
- The Only Exception / Some about love reflection
- Happy Days are here again/get happy - from glee / to smile
- Grace Kelly / To Laugh
- White Black Page / To Cry
- Make my dreams come true / Walk in the City
- Storms in Africa / To Search
- The Scientist / To grow
- 2am / Reflection
- Crazy Little Thing Called Love / To Karaoke
- Three Little Birds / To Travel - to be alright

Anyways I can go on and on with what songs mean to me... but tomorrow depending on my mood they can mean something else.

So I made my list... though it will evolve.

This weeks top Jen List - Quotes

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  1. Can I make a recommendation for your music list? Morcheeba's 'Can't Keep a Good Girl Down' is a great tune - very inspiring and great lyrics for days when you need a boost (and even days when you're already feeling extra fabulous!).