Sunday, 7 November 2010

Week 1 / Day 1-7 the Jennifer Is

Here are this weeks Jennifer is Statements!

Nov 1 (Day One) - Jennifer is remember to define herself by her spirit...

Nov 2 (Day Two) - Jennifer is a true lover of MAC products... how the iPod, iPhone, Macbook have "changed' her life... (did you think Make-up at first... maybe I should say Apple products... fyi I love the make-up too)

Nov 3 (Day Three) - Jennifer is never going to be one who accepts status quo.

Nov 4 (Day Four) - Jennifer is a dog person and wishes she had time for one.

Nov 5 (Day Five) - Jennifer is a lover of over playing a song she loves.

Nov 6 (Day Six) - Jennifer is currently living in the downtown though is a girl who needs her inner suburb to shine at times

Nov 7 (Day Seven) - Jennifer is learning that sometimes being strong is learning to allow yourself to be weak.

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