Sunday, 5 December 2010

So Yes I know... it's December

A month for Creativity....

OMG is I have been busy... but good busy. The kind of busy that makes you smile!

Anyways... So what have I got planned for December.... well since it is Creativity month I will be doing the following!

1) Finally decorating my place!
- Now since there are no decorations in my place... A month may be cutting it close... but a full plan a lot of work will be done!

2) Creative Christmas... Normal Christmas wishes just are not going to do this year...
- This year all Christmas wishes will be out of the ordinary and of course fabulous!

3) Knitting...
- This project is not so much about finding things I love but doing this I love. I love knitting and feel I have been not doing it so much lately... so this month I am knitting all the time. (Well when I can) Especially on the TTC!!!

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