Thursday, 24 February 2011

So Just because I am not blogging about it… doesn’t mean I am not doing it. Although I can see how it would appear that way.

A Year if being Fabulous is Still Going on!

Anyways… December lets talk about that!

December was crazy. It was meant to be the month of creativity!

I tried to be Creative. I made some Christmas Gifts… had some creative day in a life gifts. (Well I thought they were creative.)

Though December was busy without the project… so adding it to my month… pretty much made me go insane! I also flew home for Christmas.... which can take a lot out of me.

However I did learn some things in December:

1) I think I prefer to be creative in everything I do rather then in specific things.

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous” ~ Bill Moyers

2) I do not want this project to add to my life rather then take away from it.

So when it came to Ambition I decided I would stop at the classes I was taking.

January = Ambition!

I took to classes which started in January. One work related and one not.

The work one:

Designing Training - @ George Brown.
Goal: Get the teaching Adult certificate and pursue a career in Leadership Development

The non Work One:

Musical Improv - @ Bag Dog
Goal: Have fun and most of all improve my confidence on stage.

What I learnt in Janaury:

I think when I started this project I didn’t realize how full my life was already so I needed to make sure I focus on this that fit in rather then things that will add stress or extra work.

So farthe Month of February has been Fun, and given that is my theme is a good thing. To make it work I just ensured I had fun in everything I did.

More to come on that soon!


  1. Beautiful Jenn!
    Can't wait for the March update ;)

  2. Hey Jen, we are in May, so, how are the things going?;) Looking forward to your updates!