Monday, 16 January 2012

I Dream in Colour!

I was listening to music today as I do sometimes and well I heard a lyric which I loved:
“You Should Know I Dream in Colour.”
All I thought was so do I. 
This weekend was a bit of s strange one for me.  I spent much of it… on my own.  Which because I am by nature an extrovert… I do not always take the time to spend time with me.  Whenever I do, I am thankful to say I am happy I have done so.
Because this weekend I spend much time on my own I:
Started an art project for a Magazine holder I bought.
Finished knitting a Hat for my Grandmother.
Starting knitting a fitted Vest. 
Watch a Version of one of my favorite Stories: Pride and Prejudice!
Was only 1/2 successful at avoiding cleaning my place!
I also spent some time at my Favorite Yarn Shop and went to my Improv Class. 
Overall a great weekend… when nothing big happens!
Planning this project has been harder then I remember.    Months I am particularly having issues coming up with are:
Energy – Current idea is around getting energy through fitness.
Spirit – I am thinking reading will be in order for the Month
Femininity – Very hard! HELP!
Creativity – I think this one can be hard because I find I tend to have a lot of creative things in my life as it is.   So does this theme make sense! I may change it. 

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