Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sometimes Its just not You!

I just need to accept this… Having Order will never be a priority in my life.    As much as I wish I had gone through everything in my Condo… it did not happen.  I mean I could blame food poisoning… I may a little.  Though at the end of the day … going through my closet is something I am rarely going to be motivated to do.
So we are putting the month of order behind us… We are saying good-bye and getting ready for Energy.  Yes organized energy may have been nice… but let us be honest… unrealistic. 
My focus for energy…

1)      I am going on a rather strange work trip and I am hoping this will actually bring back some energy into my job.
2)      Finding ways to capture energy… through photo’s and experience.
3)      Working out to produce more energy in my life – min 3 times a week. 

Starts in two days!

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