Monday, 6 February 2012

Getting it in ORDER

I new this Month would be hard… as really we all know me and organization is not my strong suit. 

After the first weekend for potential of organization occurred I rather achieved the following:

  • Had a fantastic dinner with a work colleague
  • Watched Steel Magnolia’s and Knit (I have never see it, now I can say I have)
  • Enjoyed my Improv Class
  • Had a fantastic Meal with some of my favourite women!
  • Enjoyed my First Roller Derby Experience
  • Went and had some belly laughs at an Improv Show
  • Enjoyed a new Brunch Place…
  • Did some Knitting
  • Visited with some Friends I had not seen in while!

Great weekend… no order really brought to my Condo!  So I am importing the list of things I want to complete/order:
-          Books - Done and it is kinda sad, however needed, to give away an ikea bag of books!
-          Dresser
-          Closet
-          Important Papers Green Box
-          Fun Papers Green Boxes
-          DVDs
-          Knitting Items
-          Go through various places for Storage in Living Room
-          Kitchen Cabinets
-          Front Linen Closet
-          Bathroom
I can not lie to you... I find it a bit overwhelming.    However stay tuned for the Progress!

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